Technology and market agnostic, we connect both flexible and intermittent energy assets with all sources of revenue to maximise value.

power and gas trading expertise

Dedicated trading desk with 15+ years of power and gas trading expertise.

Asset Optimisation

Proprietary optimisation software that allows for full movement across revenue streams.

Optimisation services

Established operations and settlements function, handled by an industry experts.


Our proprietary asset management platform GAMA enables operators to automatically dispatch an asset or portfolio of assets in line with market pricing signals.

power and gas trading expertise

Algorithmic trading tracks various markets and value pools to determine optimal time to dispatch.

Asset Optimisation

Optimisation strategy is fully tailored to the unique characteristics of your asset or portfolio of assets.

Optimisation services

Asset dispatch and trading are fully automated and optimised by machine learning based on your objectives and requirements.

Our asset optimisation platform GAMA was designed with the future in mind and is equipped to manage risk and achieve optimal returns in volatile markets.

  • Market and asset data as well as asset forecasting are automatically integrated into your trading strategy.
  • Purpose built environment to leverage machine learning algorithms.
  • Allows direct access to wholesale markets.
  • Drive algorithmic Asset optimisation and dispatchManage registration, settlements and reconciliation.


  • A full-stack service for BESS operators, covering optimisation, through to settlement.
  • Tailored routes-to-market for both merchant and ancillary markets and provide access to all available revenue pools.
  • Access to both distribution (SVA) and transmissions (CVA) connections.
  • Optimisation services to stand-alone and co-located BESS assets, as well as single sites and portfolios.
  • A market-agnostic approach best positions BESS assets to avail of emerging flexibility markets.


  • As a licenced electricity and gas supplier/shipper, we provide a full-stack service for Gas Peaker operators, optimising the full cost and revenue stack of the assets.
  • Power, gas, and carbon trading are all managed in-house by an expert team.
  • Agreements are structured to expose assets to the most appropriate price indexes, deriving maximum value from flexibility.
  • We provide optimisation services to single site projects as well as portfolios of Gas-Peaker projects.
  • Through our parent company CF Partners, we can provide industry-leading advice on emissions trading, in addition to a range of carbon products tailored to your project.


Our PPA products are bespoke. We work with generators to find the best arrangement for a given asset and tailor to specific needs around risk and lender requirements.

Our Origination Team has over 14 years’ experience of structuring and managing PPAs across a range of commercial-scale technologies.

  • Choose between both short-term (3 months) and long-term (5 years+) PPA products.
  • Choose between a fixed-price pricing structure or a market tracker depending on your appetite for risk.
  • Secure a PPAs for a single site or portfolio of renewable generation assets.


We leverage our expertise in both PPAs and Industrial and Commercial supply markets to facilitate CPPAs on behalf of our supply customers and generator base.

  • Our CPPAs can be structured to last between 5-15 years depending on requirements.
  • Choose between a range of CPPA structures that can be tailored to individual needs, from traditional CPPA structures to synthetic CPPAs.
  • Get access to a range of Imbalance, trading and forecasting products to help de-risk your project.

The way we use energy is changing.

We provide optimisation services that enable the transition to a low-carbon future.


Brook Green Innovations is a full-service optimiser of both flexible and intermittent energy assets. We combine an expert trading desk and proprietary optimisation platform to provide bespoke route-to-market strategies that minimise risk and maximise returns.

Our approach is both technology and market agnostic. We tailor to individual goals and requirements, enabling different asset classes to achieve optimal value across multiple revenue streams.


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